GB Ep 89: How to Use the Google Keyword Planner Like an Expert

I did a session earlier today with Brian Dean from Backlinko: an SEO expert who grew his blog to over 100,000 visits per month in just under two years. He taught me how to use Google Keyword Planner like an expert, so I wanted to share it with you.

  • If you’re looking for the keyword “wedding planner,” you might go to Google and type it in to see different results and what the top-ranking results are getting. [01:33]
  • Instead of putting keyword ideas into Google Keyword Planner, just plug in the URL to get better ideas for keywords with more volume. [01:53]
  • I tried it by going to Pinterest and did a search for “wedding ideas” and got some excellent ideas with keywords that have a lot of volume. It worked out really well and was absolutely free. [02:08]
  • Also, if you’re interested in SEO, you’ll want to check out an upcoming summit which will include a lot of actionable details on SEO. It will be free for a couple of days and include people like Brian Dean, Neil Patel and Hiten Shah. I’ll announce it officially soon, so stay tuned. [02:31]
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I just wanted give you guys a really quick tip.

I actually did a session today with Brian from Backlinko who’s an SEO expert, grew his blog to over a hundred thousand visits and it took him just a little under two years, I believe. One hundred thousand visits a month, I should clarify. And he said something really interesting.

I know I did an episode on how to do modern day keyword research but he talked about how you can use Google Keyword Planner and use it like an expert. I actually never used it that way. The way he’s describing I used it, I use it like a newbie. But he said was, for example, if you’re looking for the keyword ‘wedding planner’, you might go on Google, type in ‘wedding planner’ or ‘wedding ideas’ and you’ll see different results on the paging. You want to see what top ranking results are getting, ideally, the websites that are maybe getting the most links and the highest domain authority. What you do is, instead of putting in keyword ideas into Google Keyword Planner, what you do is you take the URL and plug it into Google Keyword Planner and it would give you better ideas for keywords with more volume inside of them. So, I actually went out and tried that, went to Pinterest and I took one of their queries for a search result which is a wedding ideas, plug it in and got some excellent ideas with keywords that have a lot of volume. So, that work out really well and it’s absolutely free to do it. It just takes a little research on your side and I think it’s a great way to do keyword research as well.

So, hat tip to Backlinko on this tip. You guys definitely check out his, I’m doing a summit. That’s coming up. You are going to see me announce that soon. And the summit is including him. He’s going to include a lot of actual details on SEO. Not so much, actually, it’s going to be free for a couple of days as well. There’s going to be people like Brian, Neil Patel, Heaton Sean, people like that. So, stay tune for that. I will announce it officially soon.



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