GB Ep 31: 6 WordPress SEO Plugins That Will Help You Rank Higher

6 WordPress SEO Plugins that will Help You Rank HigherHello and welcome to another episode of Growth Bites. Today we’ll talk about six WordPress SEO plugins that will help you get a higher ranking in Google.

  1. Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin: This is highly recommended by everyone across the board. I’ve used a lot of different ones in the past, but Yoast gets the job done. It lets you do a lot of things with each post and across your site as a whole: you can do SEO without needing to know how to code. [01:21]
  2. Yoast for Video: If you do any video stuff on your site, you should check this one out as well. [02:08]
  3. Automatic SEO Links: If you want a certain phrase on your website to link to a very specific URL, but you don’t want to spend the time manually doing it on your own, you can specify a key phrase and the specific url, and it will automatically insert those links site-wide. [02:22]
  4. SEO Friendly Images: This plugin automatically adds alt tags and title attributes for you. [03:16]
  5. WP It smushed (makes smaller) your image sizes of all files so your website will speed up. [03:38]
  6. Broken Link Checker: It checks for broken links on your website (internal or external) and shows them to you so you can fix them to make it easier for search engine crawlers to find things on your site. [04:11]

It is also important to make sure your WordPress site is up to date. Common issues that arise from an out of date WP site are new posts don’t appear and layout, theme, plugins, and widgets don’t update.

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