GB Ep 75: 5 World-Class Marketing Blogs to Follow

Today I’m listing out five of my favorite marketing blogs that provide world-class information on SEO, conversion rate optimization, content writing, and Facebook advertising.

  1. Backlinko [01:06]
    • It’s really hard to find good SEO blogs that make sense. This blog gives case studies, check lists, and action items that I can take away while reading an article. And it’s got plenty of information that just makes me say “Wow.”
  2. ConversionXL [01:36]
    • This has really great content for people who want to increase their conversion rates, provides tips on surveying your audience, and recommends great tools to use.
  3. Copyblogger [01:55]
    • They’ve got incredible headline ideas. They’re also a great go-to blog to learn about content marketing and content writing in general (which I feel is becoming a lost art.) In Silicon Valley, everyone just cares about optimizing quickly, using paid ads, and scaling fast. But it’s very important to still understand SEO and copywriting.
  4. Conversion Rate Experts [02:48]
    • This was the blog on conversion, even before ConversionXL came out. They provide a lot of great case studies and can show off a lot of their amazing work when it comes to increasing conversion rates.
  5. Jon Loomer [03:11]
    • Jon has some exceptional advice on Facebook advertising. He dissects everything and even offers courses, but his free content is equally good. If you like him on Facebook, you’ll see him practicing what he preaches.
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Hello and welcome to another edition of Growth Bites and today we will be talking about 5 of my favorite marketing blogs.

So, the first one is Backlinko and Backlinko nowadays, just to preface, it’s really hard to find SEO blogs that makes sense like really good SEO blogs. Moz is a great one but Backlinko, in terms of providing case studies, check lists, just action that I can take away right after reading an article, and stuff that really makes me go wow, Backlinko is probably the winner in the SEO space for me at least. So it’s, backlink with an O.

And then the second one is the Conversion Excel. So, for those readers who are interested in bringing out conversion rates, Conversion Excel has really great content around – conversion rates in general, how you can really survey your audience, tools you’d be using, things like that. It’s really been up and coming in the past few years and so that’s the second one.

And then the third one is Copy Blogger. So, if you’re looking for, first of all, very good headline, Copy Blogger is the spot to go to. And Copy Blogger has great stuff around content marketing in general, how to write great copy. I think copy writing is in general becoming a lost art when you look at marketing nowadays. Well, same thing with maybe martial and SEO because even though SEO is kind of, because Google has made it a lot harder and people aren’t just jumping off to the SEO profession. SEO is kind of been dying but people don’t talk about copy writing in general. You look at Silicon Valley and everyone is all about optimizing very quickly, doubling money to get to pay advertising and just scaling as quickly as possible. That’s the definition of a marketing there. But to be able to understand SEO and be able to understand copy writing, I think it’s still really important. Copy Blogger is a great place to go to when it comes to copy writing type of stuff.

The fourth one is Conversion Rate Expert. So, this was really the conversion rate blog back in the day even before Conversion Excel was out. And they still provide some great studies they do great case studies and they do a lot of great work when it comes to conversion rate stuff. Same thing with Conversion Excel and it’s tough to find people that really know their stuff when it comes to conversion rate optimization.

And the fifth one is John Loomer. So, John Loomer, it’s John L-O-O-M-E-R, he has some exceptional stuff on Facebook advertising and Facebook has been up and coming. A lot more people are using it now and John Loomer really dissects everything. He has great courses as well but his free content is equally good. So, it’s John Check out his stuff around on Facebook and once you liked his stuff, you’ll see what he’s doing because he’s running Facebook ads directly at you and you get an idea on how he thinks in general.

Those are my five favorite marketing blogs at this point. There’s obviously a ton of different blogs. I’m happy to give you my list if you just feel free to email me. It’s but these are the 5 favorite for the time being and they always change for me so hope you enjoy them.


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