GB Ep 77: Use this Software if You’re Starting an Affiliate Program

Today I’m talking about an affiliate tracking software that will help you reach out to joint venture partners to tap into their audience to make more sales and keep track of how much you owe each affiliate.

  • Make a list of joint venture partners (bloggers, YouTube stars, etc.) to put into your affiliate program. [01:36]
  • The way an affiliate program works is that you give 40% to 50% of your sale price to your affiliates. The best way to do this is to use a piece of software, assign a tracking code to each affiliate, and each time they sell one of your products, it will update how much you owe them. [01:42]
  • The affiliate tracking software that was recommended to me was Lead Dyno. [02:23]
    • It integrates with InfusionSoft and Stripe for payments, which is what we use.
    • Once a payment goes through, it shows us how much we owe an affiliate, when a person converted, what source they came from, and other data.
    • I really like Lead Dyno because it shows me a daily digest on how many leads and sales we’ve gotten, and the dashboard is very intuitive.
  • If you have a massive affiliate program, you can have a program in the background that sends out autoresponders based on new people that join.  [03:19]
  • The starting price is around $39 per month, and increases based on your website’s traffic.  [03:33]
  • You can also have a content library in the background where you provide banners for your affiliates to use so you have better branding and you don’t put the burden of work on them. All they have to do is show their audience your product. [03:47]
  • You can see a live map of where your traffic comes from, which is interesting.  [04:29]
    • It’s set up more like Google Analytics and can show me if people came in on a certain keyword, and what devices they’re using.
  • They’ve also got a great support team, which has helped me solve all my issues within 10 minutes. [04:55]
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Today we are going to be talking about affiliate tracking software to use. So, if you have any type of product, let’s say you have an information product where perhaps you’re teaching tennis online and you want to reach out to joint venture partners that perhaps have a much bigger email list. Let’s say you have the best tennis training program in the world. You don’t have a list. You don’t have an audience. The best way for you to go out and, or one of the best ways to go out and promote this thing is to tap into other people who already have a relevant audience so in this case, it might be tennis bloggers or tennis superstars on YouTube. Whatever it is exactly, you make that list, put up that list of joint venture partners and you put them in on a affiliate program. But the way affiliate program is going to work, let’s say, continuing in this hypothetical story, is that you might give, 40-50% of each sale to the individual and the best way to go back is to use a piece of software, give them a tracking code and when they’re driving traffic back to your website, when people convert, your software will track it and it’ll show how much traffic they’re driving exactly, how many sales are coming through, how much you owe this potential, how much you owe this affiliate and all that kind of good stuff.

So, I’ve been looking for some really good affiliate tracking software to use. I heard a lot of different ones but the one that came recommended to me was Lead Dyno. So that way you spell that is Lead L-E-A-D, Dyno, it’s D-Y-N-O, The great thing about it is it integrates with your, let’s say you’re using Infusion Soft and it integrates with the Infusion Soft, if you’re using Stripe for payments, it integrates with that as well and has a few of other integrations too. We use Stripe and the great thing about is like, once the payment goes through, it’ll be recorded or show us how much we owe an affiliate and it will show you what this person converted, what source they came from exactly and things like that. Why I really also like Lead Dyno is because, it will show me a daily digest as to how many leads I drove through, how many sales I got. So that’s good to tab that. The dashboard is very intuitive. It’s just very simple for someone like me to use. If you want to manage affiliate promotions, let’s say you have a massive affiliate program where there’s a ton of people are promoting it, you can have a program in the backend where you’re sending out auto-responders based on new people that join. And you just have a bunch of other tools at your disposal as well.

So, I think the starting price is maybe $39.00 a month, something around that range and I’m paying 79 for some more traffic. They charge you based on how much traffic your website’s driving. You could have a content library in the backend where you are showing different banners, different creatives your affiliates can use because obviously, you don’t want to do the work right? So, you want to have everything ready and waiting for them to promote. Ideally, you’re writing a copy for them too, literally all they’re doing is hitting their audience up with your product. So you got to think of the creative ways to help them promote without getting them actually do more work.

But, anyway, Lead Dyno is again what I recommend. Staring at it right now, to see what else I might be missing but I do recommend you check it out. Some other similar software, there’s ambassadors. So, that’s I think and there are some few other ones as well. And this will also tell you, it’ll show you life map of where your traffic is coming from which is interesting. The way it’s set up is a little more neatly organized like a Google analytics. It will show me if they’re coming through a secure search or show me if they came through a specific keyword or not. So, that’s cool and the device and all that kind of stuff. So, the way it’s organized is generally more intuitive and the chat, the support is super simple as well. You literally just chat with them and then all my issues have been resolved probably within a 10 minutes talking to their support team. So, that’s about it. Check out Lead Dyno if you’re looking at to start some type of affiliate program. Check it out!



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