GB Ep 68: 4 Excellent Sales Tools that Will Grow Your Revenues

Today I’m reviewing four excellent sales tools I’ve used that will help you grow your revenues and improve your business.

  1. SalesLoft Prospector [01:15]
    • SalesLoft Propspector will help you find qualified prospects at a much higher rate because it can scrape sites like LinkedIn and Google. You can get results much quicker and have your team focus on other sales tasks.
  2. ToutApp or YesWare [01:46]
    • These tools are sales suites that will let you share templates with your team, see overall activity, and easily input data into SalesForce. It makes keeping track of things and measuring activity much easier.
    • These both have features that let you set reminders in Gmail.
  3. Outreach [02:40]
    • This lets you automate your outbound emails. You can consistently send emails to people until they respond, and the sequence you have set up stops when they respond. For different types of outreach, I’ve seen response rates from 15% to 96%, which is really good.
  4. LinkedIn Sales Navigator [03:20]
    • This is a browsing tool that lets you search LinkedIn for the different prospects that are out there. You can combine this with SalesLoft Prospector or any sales outreach tool that you’re using.

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