GB Ep 25: How to Impress Your Clients

How to Impress Your Clients

Welcome to another edition of Growth Bites. Today we’re going to talk about how you can really impress your clients. I’m going to outline five different ways to do so while making them feel really good.

  • 1. Refer potential hires—either full-time or contractors. By asking your customers what they need help with and making the appropriate connections, you’re helping them, which is something they will remember over time. [01:30]
  • 2. Do extra work. Do a little extra side project in for free with their contract or work on something that’s needed without them asking. For example, a web design agency could go above and beyond by doing the research and producing a free info graphic for their customer. [02:09]
  • 3. Send Christmas cards. Putting the effort in for selecting and buying a card is a nice gesture your cutovers will remember you for – no matter how outplayed it seems. You could also send along their favorite snacks or a gift card. [02:45]
  • 4. Let them know about industry news or helpful tools. Especially when you’re working with someone who isn’t the founder (like an account or project manager), your job is to make them look good. It also makes you look like an authority. [03:28]
  • 5. Refer customers to their business. The fact that you’re remembering them and understand their business well shows that your relationship is more of a partnership than a strict vendor/client business contract. [04:18]
  • We’d love to hear other creative ways you guys have in mind to impress customers. [04:44]

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