GB Ep 72: How to Create Proposals MUCH Faster

Today I’m going over how to create proposals significantly faster. This advice will be great for people in service-based businesses.

  • We used to have a PDF document that required a lot of editing, pulling text from different Word documents, and so on. It was a very manual process that would take up to an hour to complete. [01:19]
  • The time you spend on proposals starts to add up and becomes very draining. [01:37]
  • We came across a tool called Bidsketch. [01:45]
    • This is a tool that lets you create different templates and save them all in one place.
  • With their templates, you can send proposals out for an electronic signature. [02:00]
    • It also shows you the activity on each proposal, like how many times your prospect has looked at it. You can also get data on your wins and losses over time.

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Stuck on step 1? Here are some business proposal ideas you should check out.

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