GB Ep 73: 7 Helpful Competitive Analysis Tools You Should be Using

Today I’m reviewing seven different competitive analysis tools that you can use to grow your business.

  1. SEMRush [01:09]
    • This is a tool that I really love and have talked about in other episodes. Since keyword research is more difficult, SEMRush is helpful because it shows you the data around CPC, volume, you and your competitors’ rankings, and it automates keyword research
    • It also gives you data about your competitors’ ads.
    • They’ve also recently added website audit tools that can run site audits on a weekly or daily basis.
  2. SimilarWeb [02:00]
    • These guys have come on strong in the last year. A similar tool you’ve probably heard of is Alexa, but I think Simpler Web is more robust and find it has a better UI.
    • This lets you compare different websites to see their competition, an approximate traffic breakdown, trends, and keywords. It’s great for online marketing research.
  3. Buzzsumo [02:52]
    • This one is good for marketing analysis. It shows you what type of content is doing the best in your niche. You can see how many shares and links a post has, and see what your competitors’ best posts are. It helps get the creative juices flowing.
  4. Topsy [03:33]
    • This shows you what Tweets are most popular. You can look at individuals, subjects, and certain time periods.
  5. Ahrefs [04:03]
    • Here you can see link data on an SEO basis and know how your competitors are getting their links and what kind of anchor text you have feeding into your site. It’s pretty detailed with helpful graphs.
  6. MOZ [04:36]
    • This is a higher-level tool than Ahrefs because you can compare different sites on a metrics basis. You can see see your website compared to others side-by-side. You can see inbound links, social shares, pages, internal links, etc.
    • They also have a Fresh Web Explorer to show you where you latest links are coming from.
    • They also have Followerwonk which is a bonus Twitter tool.
  7. BuiltWith [05:26]
    • This shows you what a website is built with, whether it’s WordPress or another CMS. You can see specific plugins and software.
    • If a competitor is significantly further along than you, you can see what they’re doing to get inspiration and have information-based decision making.

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