GB Ep 71: How to Run Automated Webinars

Today I’m walking you through how to run automated webinars. Webinars are a very high ROI marketing activity that let you sell high-ticket items. It takes a significant amount of time and education to convince people to shell out their hard-earned cash, and webinars are the way to do it.

  • Running a webinar takes a lot of work and preparation. I spent around 10-15 hours preparing the webinar, and took time to do about 10-15 dry runs. And even with that amount of work, there’s still a lot of polishing that can be done. [01:51]
  • The question is if each webinar generates cash, but doing webinars every day is draining on you physically (like losing your voice), then how do you scale it? [02:22]
  • The solution is to run automated webinars. Some people initially think it loses a personal touch, but some people, like Rick Mulready, run automated webinars every single day. It makes him money and he doesn’t even have to think about it. His system of running ads to the webinars and leading webinar traffic to a sales page works really well. [02:50]
  • If webinars work well in driving new leads for your business, you should automate them. [03:33]
  • We use Easy Webinar for automated webinars. It has a lot of flexibility, customization, and a widget to place on your site if you don’t want to create your own landing page. [03:43]
  • Once you’re comfortable with webinars, you can just start routing your traffic to Easy Webinar to keep them going while you continue to refine the process. [04:21]
  • Easy Webinar costs $497 per year, but you can break it down into a payment plan. [04:58]

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