GB Ep 43: Why You Should Be Setting Up an Ideal Client Profile (and How to Do It)

ideal client profile

Hello and welcome to another edition of Growth Bites. Today we’re going to talk about why and how you should create an ideal client profile. Whether you’re in the service business or have a product, you need to know who your target audience is, so that you can narrow your scope and ensure customer satisfaction (CSAT). This should even happen before you do any prospecting, sales or marketing.

  • Your client profile needs to be 100% defined, otherwise you’ll be shooting all over the place and your team will be unorganized. [01:55]
  • It gets demotivating when your conversion rates are low and you feel like you can’t reach your goals. [02:04]
  • I give an example of Single Grain’s ideal client profile. [02:14]
  • You can set an annual revenue requirement. [02:33]
  • We set a requirement for a nicely designed website and blog. [02:39]
  • In conversation, you have to decide if they’ll be pleasant to work with. [03:25]
  • The evaluations for service & product customers are different. For example, with products you normally don’t have to deal with people directly, so some of the extra evaluations aren’t necessary. [03:40]
  • In services, you want to avoid clients who are prone to scope creep. [04:19]
  • With a client profile in place, you can laser-target  your prospects in both advertising and sales. [04:34]

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