GB Ep 44: 6 Sales Interview Questions to Ask

6 Effective Sales Interview Questions to Ask

Today we’re talking about six effective sales interview questions to ask if you’re trying to hire a new sales person. These questions work for both junior and senior-level candidates.

  1. What is your biggest sales win? [01:42]
    • For an entry-level job candidate, you can ask them what their biggest win in life has been so far, and you can see how it relates to sales. With their answer, you can dive deeper and continue down the rabbit hole.
  2. Have you even been part of a sports team before? [02:24]
    • Whether it was in high school, college or whenever, it is good if they have some accomplishments to speak of here: the camaraderie and grind of a team is very relevant to sales. You want someone who can work through disappointments and handle victories well, as well as a competitive fire.
  3. Ask them to sell you something. [03:11]
    • I like to ask people to sell me a water bottle. I remember one candidate started asking me why water was important to me, started asking me questions, and basically got me to sell myself. You want to see their confidence level and how they approach a sale.
  4. What are your favorite tools that you like to use? [03:57]
    • These tools can be anything. Even if they’re not experienced with sales, these tools could be related to social media, blogging, etc. You want to make sure they’re internet savvy. If they’re going for a senior level position, you can ask them what their favorite sales tools are. When they tell you their favorite tools, ask them why and see how they elaborate.
  5. What is your favorite sales book? [04:37]
    • For someone more junior, you can ask about their favorite book in general. Ask about the last time they actually read the book, gauge if they’re an active learner. If you’re familiar with the book, you can ask very specific questions. If people are unable to elaborate, you can tell they’re lying.
  6. What is your conversion rate? [05:30]
    • This one doesn’t apply directly to junior-level candidates, but experienced level sales people should always know their conversion rates. From here, you can break out into sub conversion rates.

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