GB Ep 10: How to Hire a Virtual Assistant

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 11.15.57 PMWelcome to another edition of Growth Bites. Today we’re talking about how to hire a virtual assistant. I’ve used virtual assistants both locally and overseas with success. Here are some resources to help find one, and how to find a highly qualified candidate.


  • In my opinion, not enough startups take advantage of hiring virtual assistants. [00:18]
  • I’ve used virtual employees in the Philippines and Honduras including my executive assistant. [00:35]
  • Both of my assistants speak English fluently and one you can’t even tell she’s from Honduras. [1:13]
  • $600 a month is a pretty decent middle-class wage for that area and affordable for me. [01:35]
  • Keep it fun, give bonuses at the holidays and get to know your virtual assistants. [1:55]
  • I use a virtual assistant to help with transcription and generate lead lists for prospecting purposes. [02:08]
  • Use to find a quality virtual assistant. Plug in your criteria, and they’ll find three qualified candidates for you. [02:42]
  • If you don’t like them, you can send back your assistants and find new candidates. [03:06]
  • Elance and Odesk have proven hit or miss with quality of candidates. To make it work, you need to nail down your hiring process, set-up some tests and filter out bad candidates. [03:33]
  • TaskUs is great for large-scale customer service and work with companies like Tinder and Whisper. [04:03]
  • I run my virtual assistants through a typing test to find out how accurate and fast they are. Companies like will do the same, and even give them a personality test. It’s $325, but has been worth it for me. [04:40]
  • I run a Google Doc test and have them set-up a spreadsheet and ask them to do some simple tasks or separate data. [05:15]
  • Remember to do reference checks on your virtual assistants, and anyone you hire. [05:45]
  • Test people on their writing skills so they can type emails and respond to people with proper English. [05:57]
  • I tell them we’ll work on a one or two week trial with no hard feelings if it doesn’t work out. [06:11]
  • Stay tuned, I’m developing a course on how to hire and manage. [06:36]

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