GB Ep 16: How To Be Prolific With Content Writing and Promotion

Startup Stock PhotoWelcome to another episode of Growth Bites. Today we’re talking about how to be prolific with your content writing and promotion. We’ll talk about some of the techniques I use, including delegating and how to find the best help from writers to editors.

  • I get a lot of questions on how write prolific content for Entrepreneur, Social Media Examiner and HubSpot while keeping up my Single Grain and Growth Everywhere blogs. [00:18]
  • My Growth Everywhere blog is primarily based on interviews. The content is continually created by the guest and reduces amount of work on my end. [00:44]
  • But just interviewing people isn’t enough. To keep up while running my company and other projects, I need help video editing, writing, and transcribing. [01:03]
  • Get a blog editor who is highly trainable and can help with the nitty gritty tasks. Nail down process for how you do things with a screencast, fine tune the responsibilities, and let them do the rest. [01:32]
  • Delegating tasks will save time. Prolific content creation is about maximizing your time. [02:07]
  • Repurpose your content to create more of it. I created post bonuses for some of my posts. These are just PDFs that highlight the keypoints from the post. It offers my readers convenience and helps with my conversion rates at the same time.
  • I can also reuse my writing and infographics on LinkedIn Pulse create even more content. [03:37]
  • Remember the more prolific you want to be with content creation, the more capital you need to hire the help to do it. [04:42]
  • Join YEC to get media exposure on sites like Business Insider and Inc. [05:02]
  • I also follow blog and website editors on Twitter and email them to land guest spots. Try Rapportive to find people’s emails. [05:21]
  • When hiring a writer or editor, Problogger is a good spot to find good writers and editors for $50 a job posting. [05:54]
  • Give a specific instruction hidden in the copy, like asking for a very specific subject heading. Automatically disqualify anyone who doesn’t do this to weed through the candidates. [06:17]
  • Pay market rates to avoid ripping yourself off and writers. Don’t pay too much or too little and find a happy medium. [07:36]

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