GB Ep 48: 7 Benefits of Podcasting

7 benefits of podcasting

Today we’re talking about how podcasting has helped me. Some of the benefits I’ve gotten from it aren’t what I would have expected at first – but they’re still great. I also talk about why I think others should get into podcasting.

  1. Recruiting: I’ve found great contractors presenting their skills and saying how they can help. I’ve also been fortunate enough to recruit a full-time person, especially when it’s hard to find people who are really motivated with talent. It’s saved money on recruiting costs. [01:23]
  2. Clients: We’ve gotten clients and leads from the podcast. I’ve also gotten leads from being a guest on other podcasts as a result of this one. [02:24]
  3. Press Opportunities: I’ve been a guest on other podcasts and interviewed for articles. [02:46]
  4. Job Opportunities: I recently helped a friend secure a full-time job opportunity. This is great because you get to help the person finding the job and the company move their business forward. [02:56]
  5. Opening the Door for More Interviewees: There’s been a few interviews on the show that I never prospected for; their PR company naturally reached out. This says a lot. It shows that the podcast is starting to ‘make it.’ [03:20]
  6. Learning Opportunity: I get to talk to entrepreneurs that run successful businesses. They all have different stories and tidbits to share. I get to ask them questions for my own growth and share them with everyone else. [03:50]
  7. Sponsor Outreach: A decent-sized hosting company reached out to me recently, which is another form of validation. [04:22]
  • If you’re in a niche that doesn’t have a podcast that sticks out right now, you might want to consider starting one. The time to get into podcasting is now; it will be a lot more saturated in the next few years. [04:55]

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