GB Ep 47: Why You Should be Creating an Internal Wiki

Why you should be creating an internal wiki

Today we’re talking about why you need an internal wiki. Wiki is short for wikipedia, and that’s exactly how an internal wiki looks: it functions exactly like Wikipedia where you can look at specific categories and areas of your business to keep track of and document things.

  • We use our wiki to document specific processes and goals, and to share important information. [01:35]
  • The tool we use is called Hackpad. It’s very cheap. [01:51]
  • We have different categories for administrative, assistants, on boarding, employees, different marketing services, everything is there. [02:05]
  • When a new employee comes on, they can go through the on boarding section that comes with a checklist so nothing is missed. [02:16]
  • If we’re creating a new process, we make sure we document everything in Hackpad. [02:30]
  • In the beginning, it will be helpful to start executing on this as soon as it makes sense, or as soon as you have your first hire, so everyone in the company gets in the habit of doing it. It makes everything much clearer with less grey area, and the payoff is huge. [02:48]

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