GB Ep 22: How to Develop Writer’s Guidelines for Your Blog Posts

Startup Stock PhotosIf you’re a blogger or working on your content marketing, it’s important to set-up blogging guidelines and organize your content marketing. This is especially crucial if you’re going to hire outside writers and use a team to help with your content needs.

  • After evaluating and testing your writers, it’s time to lay out some criteria. [01:49]
  • I use Google docs and Hackpad to help organize my guidelines and goals. [01:46]
  • In general, I want my blog posts to be approximately 1,500 to 2,000 words. There is data that backs up the more length you have, the more attractive you are and more shares. [02:06]
  • A longer length with data gives your posts more credibility. [02:55]
  • Blog post images are easy to screw up. Google “stock photo images that don’t suck” to find quality results or tutorials. [03:18]
  • Social mouths’ guidelines on guide post images and a tutorial on how to add captions. [03:39]
  • Layer a few quality images throughout the post to add more credibility. [04:12]
  • Every claim needs to be backed-up by linking to a case study or research. [04:24]
  • Make sure you use bullet points, subheadings and great headlines. This is also something to look out for when testing new writers. [04:59]
  • Use a plugin called blogging checklist to keep your criteria just below your post to ensure your writers are meeting the criteria you set. [05:37]

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