GE 190: How Miss Nevada Lisa Song Built a $2M/Year Alcohol-Infused Cupcake Empire (podcast)

Lisa Song Sutton Sin City Cupcakes founderHey everyone, in today’s episode I share the mic with Lisa Song Sutton, founder of Sin City Cupcakes, 5x entrepreneur, real estate investor, writer at Forbes, TV host, and Miss Nevada 2014.

Listen as Lisa shares how the right partner collaboration (and being Las Vegas’ only alcohol-infused cupcake truck!) led to their first 1,000 customers, how her business got press coverage by Fox News just 4 months into operation, the importance of being responsive to your inbounds, and all the other successful entrepreneurial projects she is working on (like being an investor in the world’s first light-emitting plant!).

Download podcast transcript [PDF] here: How Miss Nevada Lisa Song Built a $2M:Year Alcohol-Infused Cupcake Empire TRANSCRIPT

Time-Stamped Show Notes:

3 Key Points:

  1. It is important to have good people on your team as you cannot do everything.
  2. You can be business partners with your friends, as long you lay everything on the table and have frank conversations with each other.
  3. You can pursue other things outside of your business—it can actually improve your visibility.

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