GB Ep 80: How I Increased my Email Conversion Rate by 226%

Today I’m telling you how I got a 226% increase in my email conversion rate with one tactic so you can try the same thing to get equally incredible results.

  • This tactic involves using a content-specific popup. [01:12]
    • For example, if someone is viewing sales content on my blog, I would want to target them with more of my sales-based content.
  • A lot of stuff you see on other websites are very generic catch-all popups that tell people to opt-in. It helps a little bit but doesn’t optimize for relevancy, which increases your conversion rate even more. [01:40]
  • I use SumoMe by Noah Kagan. [02:01]
    • This lets me separate my blog posts into different categories so I can have different opt-in lead magnets based on the type of content my visitors are reading.
  • By using SumoMe, I’ve been able to increase my conversion rate to 6.54% instead of just 2%. That’s a 226% increase. [02:36]
  • SumoMe is a very robust tool. It has a smart bar popup, a side bar popup, a and a middle-of-the-screen popup. [03:03]
    • You can try the free version first, but if you like what you see and want access to the content-specific popups I’ve been using, you have to pay for the pro version.
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Hello and welcome to another edition of Growth Bites.

Today I want to talk about how I got a 226% increase in my email subscription rate just using one small tactic.

This tactic is called Content Specific Pop-up. What you want to do here is let’s say, I am writing about sales for example. People are viewing my sales content on my blog. I want to be, ideally sending them more information about sales, lead magnets through e-books. Lead magnet is actually an e-book. So, anyway, whatever information I want to send them, I want to make sure that I’m sending them something relevant, right? A lot of stuff that you see on other sites right now is just a very generic catch or pop-up words just telling people the opt in. That will help increase on email sign-ups, but the idea behind this is you’re optimizing for relevance so you can increase your email conversion rate even more.

What I use on my blog is SumoMe which is created by Noah Kagan team and this allows me to separate my blog posts into different categories. So I might write about sales, I might write about marketing. And the idea is that, I’ll have different opt in lead magnets such as an e-book like a marketing e-book or sales e-book, for whatever they are visiting. And if they are visiting a sales category blog post then I’ll serve them that pop-up that has a sales e-book. If they visit a marketing one, it’s the same thing as well. What we’ll serve is a marketing pop-up.

By doing this, by using the SumoMe tool, it has allowed me to bring my conversion rate to 6.54 % vs. 2%. So 226% increase and you can basically just go to www.Sumo, that’s S-U-M-O me, M-E dot com, and check it out. Actually SumoMe is pretty robust tool that Noah has been focusing heavily on it. So, we’re talking about, not only does it have a smart bar pop-up that hovers over your screen, it has a side bar pop-up, it has a middle of the screen pop-up. Just all different pop-ups and you can do it for different categories on your site. You can test off the free version first but to do the content specific pop-ups that I’m talking about right now, you are going to have to pay a pro version of this. Just keep that in mind.

So, I recommend you check out the free version first and then, if you like what you see so far and you want to increase your conversion rates further, definitely go to Content Specific Pop-ups.


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