GB Ep 63: Why You Should Give YouTube Advertising a Shot (It’s Profitable)


Today I’m covering key reasons you should consider YouTube advertising – particularly their advertiser-friendly cost per view model and affordable cost per acquisition.

  • YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world with over a billion users that return every month – which is why Google has been trying aggressively to monetize it. [01:25]
  • More people are watching video beyond the television – they’re using computers, tablets, phones, etc. By 2016, videos are expected to double. [01:40]
  • The good thing about YouTube advertising is that you aren’t charged if someone watches less than 30 seconds of your ad or if they click on the five-second skip. [01:58]
  • Right now, you can get in on good cost per view pricing: anywhere from $0.04 for $0.12 in the US. [02:15]
  • I’ve talked to people who use YouTube advertising to collect emails, and they say they’ve got a $1 to $2 cost per acquisition. [02:28]
  • In the right sidebar, you can see I have a free webinar every day where I show you the things you need to create a profitable campaign. [02:49]

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