GB Ep 84: Where to Find Good Developers or Video Pros for Cheap

I use the word “cheap” very carefully, because you do get what you pay for. So if you want to do something complex, you’re probably better off not using someone who’s cheap and offshore… you’ll want to work with someone in-person and who you’re confident can produce great work.

I’m recommending these resources for more intermediate work, like updating a website, making it responsive, etc.

  • If you’re looking for cheap work ($500 to $1,000 per month for full-time work), you can check out for developers from the Philippines.  [01:48]
    • I used this to find a developer to help me out when my RSS feed broke, which subsequently broke a lot of other tools I was using. It’s been great to work with someone who is super responsive, jumps on things immediately, and is proactive if he finds something wrong.
  • I like using, but you can use other resources like Elance, Odesk, and vWorker for hiring developers. [02:28]
  • Before you hire someone, check their references, and ask for examples of their past work. [02:40]
  • I recently made the Single Grain website responsive. When I was looking for someone to do the work, some developers were quoting me $10,000, but I was able to get it done for $700, and the quality is just as good.[02:46]
  • If you’re looking for simple video work, there’s a video marketplace called Video Brewery, which is owned by DemoDuck, who makes explainer videos. I got a video quoted from them for $500. [03:20]
    • In Video Brewery, you need to spec out what you’re looking for (whether simple or complex) and what your budget is.
  • Switch Video [04:15]
  • REP Interactive is good for in-person filming. [04:37]
  • Sandwich Video has done clips for AirBNB, True Car, and other businesses. [04:44]
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Hello and welcome to another edition of Growth Bites.

Today we’re going to be talking about how you can get developer or video work for cheap.

When I say cheap, take that the word, there’s caution when I say that. Obviously, you get what you pay for when it comes to developer works. So, if you’re looking to develop or if you’re looking to create a company, something that’s fairly complex, you’re not going to be able to use someone that’s off shore and cheap. Really, you have to have someone that’s probably in person and working with you. Probably, in person or at least someone that you are very familiar with, that you know is talented for a fact and that has built something complex.

If we’re talking about a more intermediate type of work, if we’re talking about making few changes to a website, if we’re talking about making a site responsive, things like that, you can go to, if you’re looking for a very cheap work, we’re talking anywhere from 500-1000 dollars a month for full time work; you can get developers from the Philippines if you just go to I was able to find a developer. He helps me, like the other day all my RSS feed break and that broke bunch of other tools that I was using. He fixes things like that. It’s just great to have someone that’s super responsive that will jump on things immediately and that also tell me some thing’s not right, if they see something on their own. So, they’re proactive as well. And generally, Filipinos are very hard working people. You don’t have to necessarily use It’s just what I like using. You can definitely use Odesk, Elance, things like that for hiring developers.

And then check their references. Just ask for some examples of their past work. Like for me, recently I’m making the Single Grain site responsive because that’s something that we don’t have time to get to. Other developers quoted me at $10,000. I was able to get this done for about $700 just to make the website responsive. So, massive cost savings there and the sky is just this good. We’re talking about this kind of work. Again, if you’re looking to build something complex, you cannot use cheap labor. But if it’s simple stuff like this and it’s quick, you are able to use something like

If you’re looking for simple video work, if you’re looking to have a explainer video created, there is a video market place right now. It’s called Video Brewery like a beer brewery. Video Brewery is owned by a company called Demo Duck and they make explainer videos. Turn you into a higher price but what I found is that this market place model might be kind of the next step for them. I was able to get a video quoted for about $500 which is fairly decent. It’s as fairly simple video. Just require them to add few animations to it. So, that’s good and if you want something more complex, there are other video brewery. You just kind of expect at what you are looking for and just going to know what your budget is and then you’re able to find something there. So, Video Brewery or if you’re looking for people that are more focus on just explainer videos, things like that. Demo Duck is great.

Let’s see what else we got. Sandwich Video is also a good one as well. If you’re looking for something that’s fairly as high quality, you’re talking about, let’s just say just motion. Not motion. I’m not a video guy so I don’t know how to expect this out. More of like in person type of video where, it’s life. So, if you’re looking for something that REP Intercative is good. That’s R-E-P Interactive and we also have company called Sandwich Videos as well. They did videos for like Air BnB, True Car and things like that.

So, anyway if you’re looking to go cheap, you can go cheap these ways. Just maybe probably get a prototype out or something like that or just get some superb work done. I recommend those websites to start with first.


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