GB Ep 83: 7 Other Podcasts that Will Help You Grow

I really appreciate all of your loyalty tuning into Growth Everywhere and Growth Bites, so today I’d like to share seven other podcasts that will help you grow. I’m the type of person that’s constantly trying to figure out other ways to learn new things, and these are some podcasts that have helped me with growing my business online.

  1. The Art of Paid Traffic by Rick Mulready [01:34]
    • Rick has been in the paid advertising space for a very long time. He’s the kind of guy that knows the right questions to ask, and his show features a lot of heavy-hitters that talk about secrets that’ll help you advertise and grow.
  2. BiggerPockets by Josh Dorkin [02:07]
    • This podcast is about real estate investing and can help you if you want to diversify your investing. The site is a great place to learn about real estate investing if you don’t know much to start off with.
  3. The Email Marketing Podcast by The Autoresponder Guy (John McIntyre) [02:46]
    • As far as I know, this is the best podcast when it comes to email marketing. He talks about different tactics and strategies you should be paying attention to while emailing. He talks to corporate marketers and copywriters, getting different perspectives from the industry to give you loads of actionable information.
  4. The Tim Ferriss Show [03:24]
    • Tim Ferriss, author of the Four-Hour Workweek, interviews people like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Peter Tiel, and others who are well-known and would otherwise be really difficult to access.
  5. Smart Passive Income by Pat Flynn [03:52]
    • I recently listened to an episode on mastermind groups, which gave me ideas for what I should do with my own mastermind group.
  6. ConversionCast by LeadPages [05:00]
    • Tim Page talks to people on different tactics that helped them increase their conversion rates. These segments are really short (5-10 minutes, like Growth Bites), so it’s a good one to check out.
  7. EntreLeadership by Dave Ramsey [05:20]
    • Similar to Growth Everywhere, Dave interviews different entrepreneurs to offer different perspectives from different areas of business.
  • A few others:
    • WebinarNinja [06:19]
    • Andreesen Horowitz [06:28]
    • Web Agency Podcast [06:36]
    • The Rich Roll Podcast [06:43]
    • Million Dollar Insights [06:54]

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