GB Ep 40: 5 Conversion Increasing Questions to Ask During a Sales Call


5 Conversion Increasing Questions to Ask During a Sales Call

Hello, welcome to another edition of Growth Bites. Today we’re going to discuss five different questions to ask during a sales call, assuming it’s more of a closer type of call where the prospect is already qualified and knows what your company is about.

  • 1. “How did you hear about us?” – Talking about the weather and sports to start out with is less disarming, but this question is helpful for you from a marketing standpoint: what’s working and what isn’t. [01:29]
  • 2. “What can you tell me about your organization and what you do for them?” – Whether you’re talking to a founder or a director, they’ll tell you this in their own words to give you a little more context into helping them. [02:07]
  • 3. “What are you doing now in terms of [the problem that you solve]?” – This way you can figure out what they’re doing and where you can step in and help them, if possible. Especially if you offer multiple services, you can use this question to tailor the conversation. [02:46]
    • At this point, it might make sense to talk a little bit about your company and the problems that you solve, or cut the conversation off if there isn’t a fit. [04:19]
  • 4. “What is the biggest struggle you’re facing right now in terms of [problem]?” – This is when you can dive deeper and find out the success they want from solving their problem. [04:40]
    • Pitching them before you listen to them will piss them off. With this approach, you can tailor your pitch to exactly what they need. [05:56]
  • 5. “What would it mean if we could [mention your benefits]?” – This helps you gauge their interest and decide where you want to move forward. [06:36]
  • My story of getting pushed around by a rug salesman in Turkey. [07:12]
    • The moral of the story is a consultative sales approach will do much better for you. [09:45]

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