GB Ep 66: Why Indecision Kills Entrepreneurs


Today I’m sharing a couple personal anecdotes around the idea that indecision and analysis paralysis can kill you as an entrepreneur.

  1. Not firing quickly enough [01:18]
    • When I took over this company, we had to fundamentally shift our business model, so some people who used to be a fit didn’t make sense to keep around anymore. I didn’t have the heart to fire them, but in reality I was hurting the individuals by holding them back and hurting the company.
  2.  Not pivoting fast enough [01:59]
    • Even though I did fundamentally shift the business, I took way too long to do it. Not pivoting fast enough can really kill a business because you lose a great amount of time and money. Everything gets slowed down and it kills your momentum.
  • Ultimately, indecision is analysis paralysis. [02:29]
    • You over-think goals and key metrics. Ultimately, it’s best to simplify things and pick what you feel is the highest-impact decision and go after it: all the analysis in the world won’t get you anywhere if you don’t take action. Even if you make a mistake, you can learn from it and keep pivoting.

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