LU 349: How Attest CEO Jeremy King Uses Data to Perfect Consumer Research (podcast)

On the show today we welcome the CEO and founder of Attest, Jeremy King. Attest has become the leading consumer growth platform that has grown from a team of 27 to 90 employees in just one year. The story of how the company was founded is an unusual one as Jeremy worked and was schooled as a scientist who, after his time at a global management consulting firm, also did his MBA. He talks about his passion for empiricism and his strong philosophy of data-based decision-making, and it is this drive that led him to start a business that eliminates all the guesswork around potential customers and markets. Jeremy shares about their primary clientele, the various subscriptions packages the offer, how they approached fundraising for a product that can be complex to explain, and what their best sales pitch looks like. He also differentiates between Attest’s mission and vision, makes a case for Harvard Business School, talks about their go-to-market tool stack, and shares what he learned from Charles Darwin and Alexander Agassiz in Reef Madness.   



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