LU 350: How Virtual Staffing Company BELAY Makes Hiring Virtual Assistants a Breeze with CEO Tricia Sciortino (podcast)

Today on Leveling Up we are joined by the CEO of BELAY, Tricia Sciortino! BELAY is a virtual staffing solutions company that provides clients with the assistance they need in order to grow. Tricia was recently promoted to the role of CEO after 9 years in the COO position at the company, having been the first employee of BELAY in 2010! We talk about working remotely and the benefits this has offered BELAY’s clients and, indeed, BELAY themselves. Tricia talks about what an exciting journey it has been watching her company and the industry in general grow over the last decade. She shares about how BELAY offers a solution to the problem of finding great employees and partners and the ways in which BELAY goes above and beyond some of their competitors. Tune in get it all!


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