GE 153: How Nathan Latka Drove $4.5M+ in Sales Via Webinars with His ‘10x Partner Rule’ (podcast)

Nathan Latka

Hey everybody, today I have Nathan Latka on the show. He is the former Founder and CEO of Heyo, which helps create fan pages, Facebook contests, and mobile-optimized landing pages, and is the host of a top podcast called, appropriately enough, The Top.

In today’s show we talk about how Nathan was able to build a successful business at such a young age, how he started out by cold calling people to sell Facebook fan pages at $700 a page, the reasons webinars don’t work for most people (but why they work for him), and how he grew Heyo to $5 million in revenue before selling it to a top competitor.

Download podcast transcript [PDF] here: How Nathan Latka Drove $4.5M+ in Sales Via Webinars with His ‘10x Partner Rule’ TRANSCRIPT

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