GE 174: SEO Expert Glen Allsopp Talks About How Your Brand Can Still Win at SEO Today (podcast)

Glen Allsopp

Hey everyone, in this episode, I interview SEO expert Glen Allsopp of ViperChill, which is a blog that covers viral marketing, SEO and blogging advice. Glen has been doing this for a very long time and he’s willing to talk about the things that most people aren’t, especially regarding startups where people seem to neglect SEO and think about paid advertising all the time instead.

Listen as we discuss how he got started when he was 16 and into DJ-ing, how he transformed his business with zero clients into a success with over 300 clients, the importance of link building in SEO, and why PBN is effective. Get ready to have your mind blown and hear stuff that you should be thinking about!

Download podcast transcript [PDF] here: SEO Expert Glen Allsopp Talks About How Your Brand Can Still Win at SEO Today TRANSCRIPT

Time Stamped Show Notes:

3 Key Points:

  1. Be specific in setting your market.
  2. You’re able to offer better services and give more value when you’re not trying to reach everyone.
  3. The big one in SEO is still link building.

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