LU 383: How To Be A Slam Dunk Entrepreneurial Success, According to Traction Creator Gino Wickman (Podcast)

Joining us today is Gino Wickman, the founder of EOS Worldwide—a leadership team development company—and the creator of Entrepreneurial Leap, Rocket Fuel, and the bestseller Traction, which you have heard many founders rave about. Contrary to what other books on entrepreneurship want to make you believe, not everybody is cut out to be an entrepreneur—so says Gino who has established himself as an authoritative voice on the subject over the past 20 years. According to him, there are six essential traits that every true entrepreneur has, and as controversial as it seems, he believes that a person is born with these traits and cannot necessarily acquire them at will. He also distinguishes between a visionary and an integrator, the former coming up with the great ideas and then pivoting to the next and the latter who is skilled at implementing and maintaining those ideas and keeping things consistent. These are some of the reasons why his books and entrepreneurial philosophies are radically different from the many others on the market. In this episode, he gets into what EOS (entrepreneurial operating system) is and what it means for entrepreneurs and their leadership teams, and he talks about recognizing the need for a system that would help businesses to manage their human energy more effectively. After all these years, Gino’s dream is not to ride off into the sunset and leave it all behind but rather to take up a new role as a coach and mentor to aspiring entrepreneurs—because this is what gets him fired up and performing at unusual energy levels. Tuning in, listeners will also hear about his latest book and project Entrepreneurial Leap and how it is helping first-timers to formulate a plan and take action!


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[01:00] Gino talks about his entrepreneurial journey and being an EOS implementer at heart.

[02:03] Redirecting his energy toward teaching entrepreneurs and what he hopes to achieve.   

[02:55] The value of having spent the past 25 years learning from established companies.

[04:03] What EOS is all about and how it serves entrepreneurs and their leadership teams.

[05:13] Identifying the need for an operating system to orchestrate and manage human energy.

[06:44] Working hands-on with clients and getting referrals—the secret to Gino’s success.

[08:32] Why he bothers with coaching and teaching despite his success.

[09:53] Gino discusses Entrepreneurial Leap and why he has a 10-year timeline for the project.

[11:09] How this book is different from the many other books on entrepreneurship out there.

[13:03] An overview of the six essential traits of a true entrepreneur. 

[13:44] What it means to be a visionary versus an integrator in the context of entrepreneurship. 

[15:57] The positions that are typically occupied by a visionary and integrator in an organization.

[17:07] What EOS clients do when they grow beyond the ideal 10–250 employee mark.

[19:08] The benefits of implementing EOS and Entrepreneurial Leap early on in a startup.

[20:36] The roadmap that Gino created to help aspiring entrepreneurs formulate an action plan. 

[22:20] What Gino’s current work structure and team look like after selling EOS Worldwide.

[23:42] The three different ways of implementing EOS in your business.

[24:53] Doing what he loves and other reasons for Gino’s consistently high energy levels.

[27:24] Gino makes a case for the power of writing and planning with pen and paper.

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