GE 160: How Drip Club Used Influencer Marketing to Get 250K Instagram Followers & Grow the Business 1,000% in 1 Year (podcast)

Andrew Tsai, Jonathan Hong, Mike Zhang, co-founders of The Drip Club

Hey everyone, today we have a very special show featuring three of my friends from high school: Andrew Tsai, Jonathan Hong, and Mike Zhang, co-founders of The Drip Club, a trusted online e-liquid and vape shop. Andrew is the VP of Sales, Mike is the CEO and Jonathan is the VP of Products.

On today’s show we’ll be talking about how The Drip Club began as an online subscription service, similar to BirchBox, and evolved into a consumer products company, what they did to get to a quarter million Instagram followers without paid advertising (which they can’t do because of the industry they’re in), and how they scaled the effectiveness of working as a team with a divide-and-conquer strategy.

Download podcast transcript [PDF] here: How Drip Club Used Influencer Marketing to Get 250,000 Instagram Followers and Grow the Business 1,000% in One Year TRANSCRIPT

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