GE 240: How CanvasPop’s Genius Customer Acquisition Strategy Out-Innovated the Competition [podcast]

Adrian Salamunovic

Hey everyone! In this episode I share the mic with Adrian Salamunovic, co-founder of CanvasPop, a service that lets you create gallery-quality canvas prints.

Tune in to hear Adrian discuss his career path as a serial entrepreneur, including DNA11 in which they turned DNA code into abstract wall-art (no two prints are alike!), how he started CanvasPop with just $35,000 and earned media, and the marketing tactics he’s used, such as putting the first 100 customers’ prints on a digital billboard in Times Square during the Christmas season as part of their launch campaign.

Download podcast transcript [PDF] here: How CanvasPop’s Genius Customer Acquisition Strategy Out-Innovated the Competition TRANSCRIPT

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Eric Siu (@ericosiu) is the CEO at Single Grain, a digital marketing agency that focuses on paid advertising and content marketing. He contributes regularly to Entrepreneur Magazine, Fast Company, Forbes and more.

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