a 5 week program to Future-Proof Your Career:

Come Out Of The Pandemic With The Six-Figure Job You Want

Just imagine

What if

You didn't have to feel on-edge during this pandemic, and instead had a predictable system to future-proof your career and land high-paying jobs on demand

Pursuing a new position could actually be easy and exciting; you could look for a new career without feeling like you have to start from scratch or endure a risky, stressful process

You didn't have to play the dreaded "apply and wait" game - instead, recruiters and hiring managers could seek out your compelling profile and initiate conversations with you

You never had to worry about messing up another interview again by deploying a proven strategy, backed by psychology, to confidently build rapport with interviewers and properly answer any question thrown your way

You could go into work every day with peace of mind, knowing you negotiated a competitive salary that actually pays what you're worth and not a cent less

What People Say

Do You Ever Wonder How Some People...

  • Never have to worry about the anxiety, stress, or uncertainty that comes with looking for a new job?
  • Get recruited to top companies and receive multiple highly-competitive offers from the kinds of companies you've dreamed of working at?
  • Seem to have relationships with all the right people and thus have a much shorter interview process?
  • Are earning more than you with similar or less experience?

Studies have revealed that most people who took a new job in the last year weren't even searching for one; instead, someone came and got them. Coincidence? Maybe. Lucky to be at the right place at the right time? It's possible. Better yet - these people have simply implemented a predictable system that allows them to progress their careers seamlessly.

This is How Most People Approach Their Job Search

They will...
  • Apply to as many jobs as possible
  • Job-hop from one company to another every year or two to accept only slightly higher salaries
  • Get burnt-out because they spend more time searching and applying for jobs than actually interviewing and connecting with the companies they want to work for
  • Rely on the process of online applications and recruiters to get in front of hiring managers and decision-makers
  • Finally land an interview, get nervous, go in underprepared and bomb the interview
  • Stress out because they haven't heard back from the company they interviewed at 3 weeks ago
  • Ask a few friends if they "know someone" who is hiring
  • Accept the first job they get because that ends up being their only option

Eventually, they get exhausted from the vicious, endless cycle of searching, applying, and interviewing that ends in low-ball offers, rejection, or radio silence. And let's be honest: searching for a job SUCKS. It's a time-consuming and stressful process, and often leads to job-seekers accepting almost any offer that comes because they are putting in so much work looking for a "win" here.

Hi, I'm Gaurav

I’m a Talent Executive turned Career Coach

Over the past 12 years, I’ve been helping people build thriving careers through landing high-paying jobs that align with their career goals and values.

I developed Six Figure Academy because I know exactly how it feels to work in a dead-end job; in fact, when I started my career, I had 10 dead end jobs in under 6 years. Yes, it took me that long to snap out of it.

Habitually, some would say I like to “work smarter not harder”, and getting my career to grow seemed like an overwhelming undertaking without any immediate gratification. So instead, I started to learn how to hack the system and maximize small efforts that brought in big, rewarding results. When I finally dragged myself out of my $12.00 per hour job and put these hacks into place, I eventually become one of the youngest executives at a multi-billion dollar publicly-traded company. I also co-found a staffing agency that grew from $0-72M in revenue (prior to acquisition).

I’ve learned the exact strategies successful people use to not only land high paying jobs at some of the best companies in the world, but also how they continue to achieve substantial and sustainable career progression after they’ve landed those jobs. Then I became one of those people.

Do Not Be Afraid Of Regression:

Reposition Yourself To Build, Grow, And Lean Into It!

If you feel worried about the potential recession and job market, and you see it as a looming storm cloud over your job and career, I want to offer you a different perspective, and a solution.

During any recession, it often feels like the world is becoming slow, unbalanced, and unclear. However, rather than interpreting this “slow down” to mean setbacks and hurdles, what if it can be exactly the right time to build a career plan that works hard to not only get you through this year, but many, many years to come?

Whether you’re facing a layoff, furlough, or just uncertainty, I’m here to help. I’m currently working with many people who were laid off from jobs that they actually hated and are taking this as a blessing in disguise, but that doesn’t make the job-search process any easier. However, I invite you to lean into this time to hit pause, reflect, think through your goals, and put a plan in place that will finally allow you to build the career you’ve always wanted.

After working with clients for over 12 years, I’ve learned that low-points often make for incredible new beginnings.

That is why I put together a program that teaches you how to adopt this predictable system to get interviews and job offers on demand. This is the same strategy that has allowed myself and over 2,000+ others to leave their dead-end jobs behind and take total control over their career paths and incomes.

If you’re interested in learning how you can work with me, keep reading or click “let’s chat” to set up a free Career Strategy call. I’ll show you a straight-forward approach to building a WILDLY successful career that’s sustainable and one that you can be proud of with my course: Six Figure Academy.

Who I Work With

I have found that my process work best for
  • Anyone who is struggling to make traction with their job search, getting rejected after interviewing, uncomfortable negotiating salary, or stressing about finding a new job amidst the pandemic
  • Professionals who know they are underpaid, underutilized, and need a catalyst to break that cycle
  • People who know they are ready and qualified for leadership but have not had the opportunity to prove themselves
  • Anyone looking to make a change in their career path but needs guidance on what to look for and how to begin without completely starting over at square one
  • Anyone who has gained a significant level of experience which they are ready to leverage into a substantial, high-paying job
  • Above all: anyone who is sick of waiting around for their career to materialize for them and is ready to progress

What People Say

What Makes This Program Different

Six Figure Academy does not simply teach you to land "a job", but rather build a career that is meaningful and offers upward mobility
  • This coaching program is not built off of generic resume and interview tips or overused mantras. Instead, it's a predictable system using literally everything I've learned and practiced over the last 12 years as a recruiter, talent executive, and private coach to help thousands of people build careers that allowed them to thrive
  • It's simple - everything you will ever need to know is perfectly broken down into 5 easy-to-follow steps known as the Six Figure Strategies
  • I'll be with you every single step of the way with weekly calls, answers to all of your questions, and to give you a push you when you need it most
  • You don't have to deal with any more time-consuming job searches, uncertainty in the market, or stress about the economy controlling your fate: you'll have a plan in place that keeps you on track with your goals regardless of the environment
The best part?

This program will be the last one you EVER need to take to future-proof your career

How it Works

When you sign up to work with me, we'll kick things off with a Career Strategy Call to talk about your goals, current situation, and how we can partner together to tackle both.

We'll also craft a game-plan to guide you through the course and Six Figure Strategies:

Future-Proof Your Career

Get the clarity you need on what you actually want to achieve in your career by defining your career nirvana - your guiding force that will always make you aware of what great opportunities will look like to keep you progressing toward to your goals, and away from jobs that will not serve you

Avoid The Apply-and-Wait Game

Attract hiring managers and recruiters to you by crafting a highly key-word optimized resume and LinkedIn profile, and a compelling narrative, that ensures your profile is exactly what your dream companies are looking for

The Six-Figure Secret

Never again rely on waiting to hear back from recruiters after applying to a job; instead I'll teach you exactly how to start your interview process the right way with hiring managers and executives

Advanced Interview Training

You will learn powerful interview strategies backed by psychology to prepare you for every interview you go on - giving you the confidence you need to bring you closer to job offers

Negotiate Like a Boss

Negotiate Like a Boss Never worry about the fatal mistake of underselling yourself again - land a highly competitive job offer that you will be proud of

Client Results


Payroll Manager

A few years ago, I was reentering the workforce after staying home to raise my children. I felt ‘behind’ in my career and that I needed to catch up.

I thought if I worked hard enough and said yes to everything that was asked of me that would lead to success.

It didn’t work and ultimately led me to frustration and dissatisfaction in my job.

Enter Gaurav! Gaurav completely changed my mindset on my career.

He asked me to do things that completely pushed me outside of my comfort zone, where the real magic happens.

Gaurav not only gave me the techniques and tips that I needed to advance my career, but more importantly he believed in me which helped me to believe in myself.

In a short time after working with Gaurav I have advanced my career significantly.

I was able to leverage my skills to get a management level job at a fantastic company while increasing my annual salary significantly.

I continue to employ the techniques that I learned from working with Guarav, and the tips he continues to share through CareerSprout because I know they work.

What I have learned from Gauarav:
  1. Not to be a passive participant in my own career
  2. To have the confidence to advocate for myself
  3. How to interact with top executives (hint: they are just people like the rest of us!)
  4. How to identify the promotable work that I should be doing rather than saying yes to everything that I get asked to do

What You’ll Get

Six Figure Academy is a 5-week, specially curated coaching program that gives you everything you need to craft your own reliable and predictable system to bring you interviews and job offers on demand
Weekly Coaching Calls
  • SFA is a 5-week online course with online modules, live Q&A calls, resource guides, and a community of successful professionals for you to network with, so that you have all the support you need to land the job you want.
  • In addition to the modules, you will have 6 months access to our live weekly Q&A calls with myself and your peers to address anything you need help with (resume, interviewing, negotiating, networking, dealing with recruiters, etc.,)
  • Lifetime access to all of our made-for-you templates and outreach scripts, effective job search tools and resources
  • In-depth interview training to prepare you for every interview you go on
  • Lifetime access to our online course modules
  • Direct access to our Executive Advisory Committee
  • Lifetime membership to our private facebook group of likeminded, supportive professionals
  • Continued support and access to live webinars, career development resources, and future events

Ready To work together?

Click the button below to book a free Career Strategy call with me

On the call, we’ll get to know each other a little and I’ll ask a few questions to learn about your current situation, your career goals, and where you feel the most stuck.

At the end of our call, 1 of 2 things will happen:

  1. You'll be an incredible fit for Six Figure Academy! I will extend an invitation for you to join the program, and we'll discuss how you can leverage this course to achieve your goals.
  2. Or, if it's not a perfect fit, that's okay too. You are not obligated to anything and if you should have learned anything about this course it's this: its purpose is to serve YOU and your career. If I'm able, I will still make suggestions regarding your goals and point you down the right path.