Growth Everywhere Scholarship

Hello Students and WELCOME to the Annual Growth Everywhere Marketing Scholarship!

We are giving away $500 to help students like you pay for their education!

We’ve decided to run an annual scholarship to show our appreciation. We greatly appreciate all the business and loyalty of our readers who are currently enrolled in college so we hope that this $500 scholarship giveaway is one way to say thank you for your support!

In order to apply, it’s fairly simple: Follow the directions below and we will pick one lucky winner each school year and grant them a $500 check. This award amount should be spent to help you further your education and to continue down a successful path!

How to Win the Scholarship

Growth Everywhere is a blog on business and personal growth. Write an 800-word essay about your personal growth from those high school days to right now! Tell us how you’ve grown as an individual over those years and the lessons you’ve learned along the way. Share your personal goals and aspirations! We are excited to hear your story!

In addition, please answer the following questions:

  1. What does it mean to be an entrepreneur?
  2. Who do you look up that’s an entrepreneur?
  3. If you win the scholarship, what would you spend the $500 on?

About Growth Everywhere

During the week, we interview world-class entrepreneurs and pull out practical and actionable insights to help you grow as an individual. Whether you’re an aspiring or current entrepreneur, you’re guaranteed to get value out of each interview. We also deliver ‘Growth Bites’ episodes, which are short segments where I cover topics from hiring, sales, marketing, productivity and much more.

Scholarship Eligibility

Deadline to Apply: December 15th, 2015

* We will not send you a notification that we received your email. We will review all applicants at the same time and contact the winner only. Please do not email us asking if we received your submission.


Your participation in our Scholarship constitutes your consent for the website Administrator to use your personal information only for the purpose of offering the Scholarship, awarding the scholarship to the winner and any reporting responsibility to taxing authorities.

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