Every Marketer Should Be Using This Sales Tool

Every Marketer Should Be Using This Sales Tool


Mixmax sits in my email inbox all day every day.


Let’s say I’m writing canned messages to people. After enough people open and click through it, I can actually share the template and analytics with my team. From a sales perspective, if we can all see the same templates and we can all see what’s performing well, that’s going to move the needle.

I also like being able to see who’s opening emails, on what devices, how many times they’ve opened them, and which location they’re coming from. I like seeing all those metrics. In the Mixmax dashboard, you can set up email sequences as well.


For example, I have a sequence for a book. I can set up different sequences and send these to different people. All I have to do is upload a CSV list and use a tool like Hunter to find emails.

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Personalize Your Emails

In this particular case, I’m trying to get people to be included in my book. There’s a variable for the first name, so in the CSV I’ll put the first name.

Then I try to customize the first line of the email. The rest of it is a template, but if I can customize each first line, I’m going to have a higher response rate because it’s customized to that individual.

Mixmax personalize email

I can change the subject line as well and I can have different stages that map to different emails in the sequence. That way I’m not sending everything in a completely automated manner, because that just doesn’t perform as well. Something that is semi-personalized works much better.

Frankly, I’d rather reach out to 100 people and get 20-30 responses than reach out to 1,000 people and only get five responses because it’s so generic.

What’s a Good Open Rate for Emails?

For this particular outreach email, the open rate was 50% and 6% actually clicked through. Ultimately, I got a 22% response rate.

Anytime you can get a response rate around 10-15% or higher, you’re in a good spot.

Your job is to elicit some kind of response. That’s what you’re really aiming for at the end of the day.

Mixmax also lets you keep track of all sorts of other things, like the emails that I have to send out later and the reminders about people I need to get back to. This tool is super helpful and makes my life a lot easier. If you buy subscriptions for your team, you can also see what they’re doing, how active they are, what their response rates look like, and what their templates look like.

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I’ve used a lot of different sales tools over the years, but I think Mixmax is probably my favorite one because I have the ability to customize messages and see what my team is doing.

But there are a lot of different tools out there. I’ve talked to a lot of different people on my Growth Everywhere podcast who use other sales tools, but right now Mixmax is my favorite because it’s simple to use and a lot of the other ones are a bit too bulky for my taste. Check it out!

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