GB 112: The Importance of Documentation

GB 112 - The importance of documentation

Piggybacking off Friday’s episode, there’s a bigger picture item to creating checklists. At the end of the day, it’s all about building a culture of documentation. It’s really easy when you’re on-boarding someone new: all you have to do is tell them to look through specific documents to catch them up to speed.

  • It sounds really boring, but getting people into the habit of writing out their processes is very important. You might even create a document of the process to write down processes. [00:54]
  • You have to have a culture of documentation, because when you get acquired, people will want to know your exact processes, so it’s something you’ll have to do anyway. [01:10]
  • Review your documentation every quarter or so to make sure everything is updated, especially if things are changing quickly. [01:24]
  • When your documentation gets outdated, there will be a bad user experience, and people won’t want to use or contribute to something that’s clunky and old. [01:40]
  • You have to keep pushing people to document stuff to the point you feel like you’re annoying. [01:57]
  • I’m proud of our documentation because it’s a blue print a lot of different companies can use. [02:01]
  • This is stuff we don’t have to go out and re-learn. I can sleep better knowing we have this stuff. Checklists are just one piece of the bigger picture. [02:18]

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