GB Ep 18: My Favorite Mac Apps Part 2

Startup Stock PhotosWelcome to another episode of Growth Bites. Today we’re talking more about my favorite mac apps. Catch up on yesterday’s episode if you haven’t already to get caught up on my first round of favorite apps.

  • Caffeine puts a little coffee mug in your taskbar. When you click on it, it goes from empty to full and is when your computer is caffeinated. Your computer will stay active and not go into standby mode during inopportune moments like a presentation. [1:28]
  • TextExpander allows you to create templates of different emails you’re sending like sales emails. Even if I’m customizing 10% of the email, that means I’m saving 90% of my time. [02:19]
  • Fantastical sits in your taskbar and helps you manage your calendar. You can type in to set a haircut at 5pm on December 6th and automatically enter into your calendar and organize it quickly. [03:18]
  • RescueTime is like a personal analytics person and works in the background. It can tell you what websites and apps you’re spending time on the most and determine how productive they are. It will also show how many hours you spent on the computer each week and give you a summary on your productivity. [04:20]
  • Evernote is great for your to-do list, saving articles, recipes, on the go workouts and projects. I also keep track of interviewing questions and anything else I need. [05:33]

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