GB Ep 56: 5 PPC Interview Questions to Ask


If you want to hire a paid advertising manager to help you scale your campaigns or add someone into your agency setup, here are five PPC interview questions you can ask a potential hire. This candidate can fill your needs for Google AdWords, Facebook advertising or any other type of display networks where you pay per click.

Keep in mind, a good PPC candidate will also be able to advance into media buying if and when you need it.

  1. What is your biggest PPC win? [01:42]
    • You want them to discuss specific metrics, campaign struggles, and their step-by-step process.
  2. What’s Quality Score? [02:06]
    • They should know that a Quality Score within AdWords is the score Google gives you on the relevancy of your ads to your landing pages. This is key because the higher your quality score is, the lower you pay per click, so your cost per acquisition drops.
      • Dive deeper and ask them how they increase Quality Scores to see their understanding of the attributes that affect Quality Score.
  3. What tools do you use? [02:44]
    • You can find out their preferences and assess where their experience lies.
    • If you need someone to manage lots of campaigns, they need experience using robust tools. Someone more junior might use Power Editor or Google AdWords Editor.
  4. How would you decide which ad platform to start on? [03:23]
    • Find out their methodology and how much they think you should spend to start with.
  5. What would you do for [example campaign]? [03:58]
    • Find out how they think they could improve one of your campaigns for more PPC leads. They should discuss negative keywords, relevant ad copies, landing page adjustments, and more specifics on exactly what they’d do.
    • You can take this one step further by giving them a paid homework assignment with a campaign brief and see what kind of campaign they’re able to put together.

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