GE 300: The Alter-Ego Effect Author Todd Herman on What Corporate Leaders and Professional Athletes Have in Common (podcast)

Todd Herman The Alter-Ego Effect
Hey everyone! In today’s episode, I share the mic with Todd Herman, author of The Alter-Ego Effect. 
Tune in to hear how Todd built his career by helping athletes improve their performance, how he’s now helping corporate leaders in much the same way, and why developing an alter ego can help you level up your business and career. 

Time-Stamped Show Notes:

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  • [02:25] Todd has lived all over the world before settling in New York.
  • [02:45] He has worked with top athletes.
  • [04:24] Todd works on focus training these athletes, so they don’t get psyched out during games, races, etc.
  • [06:36] A lot of people don’t want to work for success, which is the main thing you have to do.
  • [06:55] Come to a mentorship as an empty vessel so you can soak up all the wisdom you can get.
  • [08:25] When working at the highest level in sports training/coaching, everything is word-of-mouth.
  • [09:55] People trust Todd because he has worked with some of the biggest names in sports, but he claims he doesn’t sell those people out for business.
  • [12:30] People used to think yoga was crazy, but it has been proven as a great way to train your body.
  • [17:02] Todd started out in his 20s doing coaching packages, but his business has since evolved.
  • [17:30] He now has licensed programs used across the country.
  • [21:30] On the front end, Todd has his book and method, but behind the scenes, they are considered the same thing.
  • [21:55] They both leverage the same ideas, regardless of the delivery method.
  • [22:30] Todd’s year-long program costs $1,000-2,500.
  • [22:40] The book is $12-27.
  • [22:48] The audible book and master class are $499.
  • [22:58] Individual coaching and training could run from $5,000-120,000.
  • [23:20] Todd wrote his book because he has been using this concept in his coaching all along.
  • [26:40] He is not afraid to be known for one thing: as the guy who helps build alter-egos and secret identities for athletes in order to help them improve their performance levels.
  • [27:38] He is now winding down from working with athletes and moving on to “leaders”.
  • [30:48] Human beings add meaning to clothing and the outfits or uniforms people wear.
  • [34:45] One book Todd recommends is A Curious Mind.

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