GE 309: CEO Tim Ash on How SiteTuners Stays Relevant in the Current State of Digital Marketing (podcast)

Tim Ash SiteTunersHey everyone! In today’s episode, I share the mic with Tim Ash, the CEO of SiteTuners, a strategic conversion rate optimization agency.
Tune in to hear why testing doesn’t matter if you’re not personalizing your website, what you must do to prevent your website from failing, and why he believes the system is too corrupt right now for entrepreneurism to be unleashed.

Time-Stamped Show Notes:

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  • [02:10] Tim started his career in web development back in 1995.
  • [06:15] As you test, you use up all your good ideas.
  • [06:27] You can only do two or three tests before you plateau.
  • [07:15] If you aren’t redesigning your website to incorporate personalization, you won’t be successful and testing won’t matter.
  • [08:58] Everyone in the marketing industry wants to keep their secrets.
  • [10:36] Using marketing tech tools doesn’t matter if you aren’t optimized in other areas and don’t know what to do with the tools.
  • [11:40] When assessing a company’s needs, SiteTuners will look at customer journeys, user experiences, etc.
  • [12:30] SiteTuners has programs for small companies, as well.
  • [12:50] Just talk to the company and find out what will work for both of you.
  • [15:10] Certain industries don’t have a lot of competition.
  • [17:15] Tim thinks a universal income would unleash entrepreneurism.
  • [17:30] He feels the system is too corrupt at the moment to really turn things around.
  • [19:45] Tim likes to make his bed to start the day, before taking a walk, doing tai chi, and taking his kids to school.
  • [20:05] He thinks the key is having a good routine each day (meaning stuff that makes you feel good).
  • [20:51] Tim recommends these three books: Sapiens, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck, and Unleashing the Primal Brain.
  • [25:34] One thing that Tim feels has added value to his life was deleting all social media apps from his phone.

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