GE 305: Happeo Co-Founder on How to Increase Efficiency and Achieve Success (podcast)

Perttu Ojansuu HappeoHey everyone! In today’s episode, I share the mic with Perttu Ojansuu, the CEO and Co-Founder of Happeo, the best Google-partnered social intranet for G Suite users.
Tune in to hear Perttu suggest whether or not to focus on a niche when starting out, what type of agencies startup businesses should aim for, and his key to success (which wasn’t linear).

Time-Stamped Show Notes:

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  • [01:50] Happeo is a great service to increase efficiency.
  • [02:50] They wanted to integrate a lot of processes in the office.
  • [04:20] Happeo is trying to be the go-to integrated platform where co-workers can collaborate.
  • [04:56] It’s typical enterprise software, where they charge per user.
  • [05:20] After 200 employees, the price goes up.
  • [05:40] It can cost $4-7/user/month.
  • [07:55] If you are starting out, Perttu says it’s a good idea to go with good agencies, but not the best. They will be more willing to partner up.
  • [08:46] Happeo re-sellers get a certain percentage of the sales.
  • [10:55] Perttu didn’t have a linear path to success.
  • [11:20] When Happeo first started, they invested in channel sales, then realized they needed to focus on direct sales.
  • [13:08] Hiring good leadership is the key to success.
  • [15:50] Make sure you create content in different languages to reach a wider market.
  • [16:30] One tool that Perttu feels has added value is Slack, but in his personal life he loves to use Bose headphones.
  • [17:25] Perttu recommends the book Zero to One.

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