GE 210: Noah Kagan Shares His Journey from Facebook Employee #30 to Getting 700K Subscribers for AppSumo (podcast)

Noah Kagan

Hey everyone, today I share the mic with Noah Kagan, founder of Sumo and AppSumo, and host of Noah Kagan Presents. He was also Employee #30 at Facebook!

Tune in to hear Noah discuss how to create content that works, how he built Sumo and AppSumo by persisting and evolving, why you need to stick with marketing for at least four years, and the two things that surprised him about growing a business.

Download podcast transcript [PDF] here: Noah Kagan – From Facebook Employee #30 to Getting 700K Subscribers for AppSumo TRANSCRIPT

Time-Stamped Show Notes:

3 Key Points:

  1. Persist and evolve—these are the keys to winning and keeping up with the market.
  2. You get what you put in—create a quality product and reap the rewards.
  3. It is easier to grow and develop what is working than building something brand new.

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