GE 274: CEO Kerry Bianchi on How Visto’s Sales Team Became Key to Their Customer Acquisition Success (podcast)

Kerry Bianchi Visto

Hey everyone! In today’s episode, I share the mic with Kerry Bianchi, President and CEO of Visto, a company dedicated to bringing transparency and accountability to digital advertising.

Tune in to hear about how Kerry started from the agency side which set her up for success, what spurred Visto’s desire to democratize the process of trading media and marketing, why marketers are freaking out about transparency, and how she helped enact a major change in the company by enhancing the internal communication.

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Eric Siu (@ericosiu) is the CEO at Single Grain, a digital marketing agency that focuses on paid advertising and content marketing. He contributes regularly to Entrepreneur Magazine, Fast Company, Forbes and more.

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