How The Krillest is Creating Once-in-a-Lifetime Experiences and Relationships with Its Membership NFT with Dr. Kat Cohen and Matei Olaru

In today’s episode, we sit down with Dr. Kat Cohen and Matei Olaru, the Cofounders and President and CEO respectively of The Krillest, a private members club for the “rarest and most uncommon creatures who share a passion for the Web3 future.” Together, Matei and Kat have led NFT masterclasses, conducted investment activities for an NFT fund, and served as Web3 educators, so they have plenty of valuable expertise to share! Additionally, Kat is the Founder and CEO of IvyWise, the world’s top educational consulting company that works with students globally to help them get into the schools of their choice, and Matei is formally trained as a corporate lawyer and started a blog that evolved into an award-winning media and tech startup in the cannabis industry, which went public in 2018. Tuning in today, you’ll learn more about the philosophy that informs The Krillest and gain some insight into the unique benefits it offers its members, allowing them to come together to collaborate and build the tools of the future. We also touch on some of the core values that they are looking for in their members, what the application process entails, and who you can expect to rub shoulders with in the clubhouse, plus so much more! Join us to find out how The Krillest is creating once-in-a-lifetime experiences and relationships with its membership NFT!



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