GE 251: Guillaume Cabane Reveals How 20% of Drift’s Traffic Will Turn into 80% of Their Revenue Down the Road (podcast)

Guillaume Cabane, the Vice President of Growth at Drift

Hi, everyone! Today I share the mic with Guillaume Cabane, Vice President of Growth at Drift, a conversational marketing platform that helps you turn your traffic into qualified meetings using their BOTS, 24 hours, seven days a week.

Tune in to hear why a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work, how AI is affecting this type of marketing, how pitching specific ideas can double or triple your conversion rate, and why he tells potential customers their lead score as a way to draw them in.

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Time-Stamped Show Notes:

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  • [01:36] Guillaume started with a website at 15 years old; he published content.
  • [01:55] In college, he moved into online B2B sales.
  • [02:51] He spent the past 5 years in B2B companies, eventually leading him to drift.
  • [03:25] Drift’s mission is to help companies have more relevant conversations with their customers.
  • [05:50] Drift’s support tools help them get ahead of their competitors.
  • [07:00] Drift started with live chat and has since added email to their services.
  • [08:00] Drift uses Clearbit to help them with their framework.
  • [10:15] Drift tells potential customers their lead score as a way to draw them in.
  • [10:38] 20% of Drift’s traffic will turn into 80% of their revenue down the road.
  • [11:08] “One size fits all can only fit so many.” – Guillaume
  • [12:05] Drift’s competitors are often SAS products that require javascript to work properly.
  • [13:15] Drift uses Intellivise for website optimization.
  • [14:12] Clearbit tells you who is visiting your site and MadKudu tells you information about your visitors.
  • [15:12] Guillaume likes to see who is visiting his competitors’ sites and then he makes a point to contact those people.
  • [16:18] Guillaume loves to test new tools. If people pitch him, he will try it out.
  • [16:40] Guillaume is now involved in an Eastern European job board site, because he spent time with the product and thought it was viable.
  • [17:55] It costs a lot of money to use other tools to run Drift (Clearbit, MadKudu, etc.).
  • [18:00] It probably runs $200,000/year, but their revenue is around $4 Million.
  • [18:52] It’s expensive, but he believes the costs to be worth the outcome.
  • [19:12] It’s preferable to paying for traffic via AdWords.
  • [19:18] Guillaume believes it is up to him to maximize revenue.
  • [19:58] Average customer value is in the hundreds of monthly revenue.
  • [21:00] Segment is about 200 employees, 50 sales reps, and they generate 50% of the growth opportunities every month.
  • [22:30] If a company comes to your site, you should be able to see what their field is and be able to pitch them.
  • [23:44] You double or triple your conversion rate by pitching specific ideas.
  • [24:22] Single Grain uses the account-based marketing feature on Drift.
  • [25:01] If you reach out to Drift, they have consultants that will help you set up a marketing strategy.
  • [26:06] The market is moving into more AI.
  • [28:45] We are not far from removing the human element from this type of marketing.
  • [29:10] Guillaume recommends Influence, which is a great book about psychology.
  • [29:45] He has a podcast called “Seeking Wisdom”, which is about marketers telling their stories. He also likes the “SAASter” podcast.

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