From Hooters Waitress & No Degree To Running Billion Dollar Brands with Kat Cole

From Hooters Waitress and No Degree To Running Billion Dollar Brands with Kat Cole

Today’s guest is Kat Cole and she joins us to share some of the frameworks she has developed to become the business mogul and empathetic leader she is today. Kat was a Hooters waitress before she transitioned to becoming the President and COO of Focus Brands, as well as an investor, advisor, thought leader, and board member for multiple companies. Our conversation starts with the story of how Kat was making over $40,000 as a waitress at age 19 when she transitioned into the corporate world for half the salary. From there, we talk about how Kat was able to rise so quickly in this new environment for a number of reasons, where she highlights being placed in leadership positions in unfamiliar situations, and the understanding of human nature she developed as a youth. Kat shares some of the frameworks for success that she has come up with over the years, such as the four characteristics of good leaders, ‘mentorship moments’, and monthly check-ins. She also gets into her method for arriving at these frameworks which involve unbiased reflection and a continuous willingness to apply new lessons going forward. Our conversation also covers the culture Kat fosters in her teams, the channels through which she is currently connecting to her audience, and a whole lot more. Tune in today!


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