GE 288: How David C. Meltzer Hit Rockbottom and Dug Himself Out to Become a Top Executive Business Coach (podcast)

David Meltzer Sports 1 Marketing

Hey everyone! In today’s interview, I share the mic with David C. Meltzer, a top executive business coach, keynote speaker, and CEO and Co-Founder of Sports 1 Marketing.

Tune in to hear about David’s tumultuous journey as an entrepreneur, how he made his first million a year after he graduated from law school and then had to file for bankruptcy, and why he decided that he needed to provide value instead of taking it.

Time-Stamped Show Notes:

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  • [01:35] David wanted to be a professional football player or a doctor, but both ultimately proved unattainable or the wrong path.
  • [02:45] He eventually became the CEO of Samsung’s first smartphone product line.
  • [03:15] 10 Years ago he partnered with someone and started three brands that are in a variety of markets.
  • [04:45] David made his first million a year after he graduated from law school. However, he has lost a lot of money and has had to work his way back up.
  • [05:15] He lost his money because he trusted all the wrong people.
  • [06:05] After the crash in 2008, had a series of lawsuits related to properties he owned and he couldn’t get a bank loan. So, he had to file for bankruptcy.
  • [06:50] He changed and decided he needed to provide value instead of taking it.
  • [08:20] He studied Rockefeller and Vanderbilt to understand how to make and keep your money.
  • [08:55] He has been trained by Marshall Goldsmith, the best biz coach in the world.
  • [09:12] David says to find your passion, pick a product related to that, and learn how to buy it low or make it low and sell it high.
  • [11:00] When David was pre-med, his brother told him he had to be more interested than interesting (because David didn’t like hospitals).
  • [11:50] David’s main focus is on his brand.
  • [13:10] For every paid speaking engagement for corporations, he does a free one for schools or non-profits.
  • [15:07] David believes that people love to give, but people are also afraid to ask for things.
  • [17:40] When he owned properties (a golf course), David regrets not reaching out to someone with expertise in owning a golf course.
  • [18:07] If you want a mentor, do your due diligence, then reach out to them (hopefully with a referral).
  • [21:53] His wife was a big influence in David turning his business life around.
  • [24:00] David and one of his partners had to branch off from their third partner and that’s how his current business came about.
  • [26::00] One new tool that David has added in the last year is Rev.
  • [26:35] David says to be a student of your calendar.
  • [28:30] One book David recommends is Think and Grow Rich.

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