GE 181: How Bryce Welker Brings In $2M Annual Revenues & Over 200k Visits/Mo Through SEO (podcast)

Bryce WelkerHey everyone, in today’s episode I share the mic with Bryce Welker, a CPA and the founder of Crush Empire, a diverse network of lead generation and product review websites in numerous verticals.

In this interview Bryce talks about his journey from quitting his job as an accountant to starting his own CPA exam website, how he went from bringing in $1K per month to $2M per year, the importance of hiring the right team that allowed Crush Empire to grow their revenue over 100% in the last 6 months, and how they acquire 95% of their customers.

Download podcast transcript [PDF] here: How Bryce Welker Brings In $2M Annual Revenues & Over 200k Visits/Mo Through SEO TRANSCRIPT

Time Stamped Show Notes:

3 Key Points:

  1. Your degree in college does NOT determine what you should be in the future.
  2. Different people have different learning styles.
  3. Tap into the diverse knowledge and skillset of your team to build your business.

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