Former Salesforce Director of Sales Shares How He Helped Grow Revenues To Over $100 Million


How do we grow revenues?

It’s a question I ask myself almost every day and it’s a fun problem to try to tackle. Having an internet marketing background pushes me to utilize more inbound strategies such as content marketing, SEO or social.

But what about tried and true sales strategies? I wanted to learn how to build a scalable revenue stream for Single Grain so I thought who better to talk to other than Aaron Ross, the author of best-selling sales book Predictable Revenue and the former Director of Sales at Salesforce.

There are TONS of gold nuggets in this video so make sure to take notes. Here’s the video (key takeaways are right below video):

Seeds, nets, spears

Not all leads are created equal

Salespeople shouldn’t prospect

Where to get leads

How to hire good prospectors

When is the right time to bring on a VP of sales?

On telemarketing companies…

On buying lists

On setting initial goals for salespeople

On recording commissions

On processes

Cold E-mail 2.0 – The new prospecting approach

On marketing automation software

How soon should you be calling qualified inbound leads?

On determining the right commission


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Eric Siu (@ericosiu) is the CEO at Single Grain, a digital marketing agency that focuses on paid advertising and content marketing. He contributes regularly to Entrepreneur Magazine, Fast Company, Forbes and more.

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